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Well Organized Closet

Organize Your Home



Our professional organizers work closely with you to plan the best way to corral your clutter and create a system to keep your spaces organized.

Reduce your stress
Reduce your

When you wish your home or office was more organized,

call Ada Grace Cleaning!!




Research suggests that de-cluttering can have as much of an effect on your mental well-being as it does on your physical space. Having too many visible objects actually zaps your energy and even has the power to increase stress levels.






Organizing your space has a CALMING EFFECT and can give you more REST by allowing you to get more done in less time.




One experiment showed that when toddlers were given just four toys to play with, they played twice as long as when they had 16 toys to choose from. Too many choices causes children to avoid choosing.

Country Style Cottage

Organize Your Way

  • Available in 4 hour sessions (minimum)

  • One-Time Projects

  • Ongoing maintenance program of Bi-Weekly or Monthly Sessions

Four Organizing Options

Cooperative Organizing


For spaces that need organizing and purging. You work with an organizer to establish the goals for your space. We work together to sort through your items, removing items you are ready to let go of! We will remove or facilitate the removal of any unwanted items.

Packing & Unpacking


We take the work out of moving for you by packing/ unpacking your items with care and order.

Preference Organizing


You tell us what spaces you need help with. We do the organizing and provide supplies to rework your space. Come home to an organized space. It’s like Magic!

Paper Management & Filing


We work together to tackle your files that have gotten out of hand. Then form a plan on how to file going forward.

Virtual Session


If you are out of our service area, or on a budget, we offer 90 minute virtual sessions.

You’ll start with one of our Professional Organizers to establish your goals and then a blueprint will be drawn up for you to rework the space on your own!

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